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Professional Deck Staining Services

With each season cycle, decks become weaker from weather elements and foot traffic. One of the best ways to safeguard your deck from long-term damage is to have it professionally stained. Deck staining prevents the wood from absorbing moisture from rain or humidity, which can freeze during colder times of the year and cause extensive damage. During summer months, intense sunshine can dry out the stain and expose the wood to the other elements.

How Often Does My Deck Need To Be Stained?

Decks should be professionally stained every four or so years. The stain begins to wear after several months, as the small particles of dirt from shoes rub against the deck’s surface, similar to a sandpaper effect. Deck stain typically lasts about 3-4 years, however we recommend prolonging the effect by applying another coat after two years. After four years, the old coat should be removed completely before a fresh one is applied. Whether it’s the first or fifth time, the process itself is quick and simple. A deck staining done by skilled professionals takes less than a day from start to finish, leaving you with a beaming new outdoor space from one day to the next.

Will Staining My Deck Regularly Help It Last Longer?

Staining your deck not only lengthens its lifespan, it also drastically improves your outdoor space’s aesthetic appeal. Boost your deck’s look even more so by choosing the perfect color or shade stain. It is not uncommon for people to opt out of staining their deck because it is made from pressure-treated lumber, however there are many shades that actually compliment the look of cured wood. Staining options come in a variety of colors and shades – From natural wood finishes to bold colors, your deck can be customized to best suit your style and needs.

DIY Deck Staining or Hire Professionals?

Decks are a fundamental part of many family homes – Where people spend warm summer nights grilling with friends and afternoon kids birthday parties. While doing the job yourself might be tempting, it is crucial to use a professional deck staining service to ensure that the surface is correctly prepared and the stain is properly applied. Undoing a poor job is costly and bothersome, and Mid-Atlantic Power Washing knows how important it is to get the job done right the first time. For your security and ours, we are a fully certified and insured business, as well as one of Maryland’s top-rated companies. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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